Used devices(DE or others)

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30-Day Returns
2 Years Warranty
Poke3 Special Edition
Note Air 2+Sleeve
Note Air 2+Sleeve+Tips
Note Air2 Plus+Case+Magnetic Case+Tips+Pen2 Pro
Max Lumi 2+Case+Tips

The used devices refer to the returned devices sold by official Boox channels. All devices are returned for certain personal reasons.

Please read the following items before purchase.
Devices: The used devices are nearly new and could work properly. Light scratches may exist on the surface.
Packages: The packages may be ever unsealed or unpacked.
Accessories: A package will come with a device and a stylus, but not necessarily with all other accessories. Please kindly check the product title for reference.
Maintenance: All used devices are backed by a one-year warranty and only delivered from the local countries.

We will arrange the shipment within 14 days. Please kindly wait for our email with the tracking number then.

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